Stage 1 Construction Update

February 2023

Titles for Stage 1 Watermark Champion Lakes have been approved.

Construction Process‚Äč

Construction equipment is transported to the location where the top layer of soil is removed and efforts are made to smooth and level off the ground surface. In certain instances, clean fill soil may be brought in to increase the height or surplus material may be taken away to establish a level foundation for building.

The commencement of new construction has been made possible by the earthworks progress. This phase of construction involves the excavation of trenches and the subsequent installation of sewer and drainage pipes. In addition, a range of underground services will be installed on your land, including water, power/electricity, gas, and internet/telecommunications.

The subgrade is prepared and the roads paved with asphalt, while streetlights are also installed. To enhance the streetscapes, footpaths are laid, nature strips turfed, and street trees planted, bringing the stage to look a lot closer to the final vision.

The on-site construction works have been completed, and we are now awaiting the necessary authority approvals. Once Practical Completion is attained, valuers will be granted access to the site to facilitate settlement preparations. We will keep all of our customers informed and updated on the status of Practical Completion.

Following the receipt of the statement of compliance from the council, titles for the newly created land blocks in the stage are lodged. As soon as we receive the titles, we will promptly notify your solicitor or finance broker who will then make arrangements for the settlement of your land lot within 10 working days. Once the stage has been titled the land is officially yours! You are now all set to embark on the journey of building your dream home.

Progress Photos

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